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USA / Canada 2024

Step into a transformative experience that will empower you to live out your faith with boldness, purpose, and passion. We look forward to welcoming you to three days of inspiration, connection, and experiencing the miraculous power of God!

The Catholic Guy

USA / Canada 2024














We believe in the power of coming together to deepen our faith, ignite our passion for Christ, equip ourselves for impactful living and sharing the Gospel in our world. Our three-day Mission Event offers a dynamic and immersive experience designed to uplift, challenge, and transform every person who comes.


Archbishop Mark Coleridge


Bruce Downes has a charism, by which I mean the gift given by God through an individual and through the Church but given to the world. It’s a gift given by God to build up the Church for the sake of mission – and this at a time when God is calling the Church to become more missionary. Bruce is a classic case of the new category which is sometimes called, ‘a Catholic evangelical.’ In the past, those two terms would have seemed mutually exclusive, but not anymore. We need to become more deeply Catholic and more boldly evangelical and that’s the combination you find in the Catholic Guy Ministry.

Bruce has been gifted by God in a variety of ways, and the fruits of this Ministry have long been apparent. His prime gift is the gift of an evangelist who is deeply attuned to the mysteries of the Catholic faith but attuned no less to the currents of contemporary culture and in particular the culture of the media. He is able to find the right words and images to explain ancient and at times complex truths in a way that makes them seem fresh and accessible. In that, he models what is true of the whole church as we face the challenges of the new evangelization.

Bruce’s approach has never been narrowly confessional, let alone crudely ideological. He draws upon the power of the Gospel to cut across confessional (denominational) barriers, speaking a language which is truly Catholic yet open to all. Add to this his formidable powers of organisation and networking and you have the potent mix that has become the Catholic Guy.

You and your team has changed my life forever. You made prayer more practical and meaningful as you break it down into short beautiful easy to understand sections. I was literally lifted when you prayed for miracles. The lighting, the music and singing was amazing and will never forget this Lent.


There is nothing that would come close to providing such a good Mission experience like this available in the country at the moment. Some parishioners said The Catholic Guy Event was life changing for them as they now saw their life in a different way.

Fr Michael McLean

The Retreat has taught me so much - it brought a change in me, my relationship with God and my husband and me becoming the person I am supposed to be. It has made a great difference and helped me through a troubling time in my marriage.


The different format of the Mission with its practical, humorous, relaxed delivery was what appealed most.


The other denominations/churches have their mega preachers etc. Hence, we need to ‘own,’ ‘support’ and ‘encourage’ Bruce and his team in their ministry as they represent Catholics, ‘us’. You have a unique Lay Catholic Ministry that uses the Bible to teach, conveys religious truth in a very fun and friendly way and emphasises the value of prayer in daily life.

Fr Enoch Iheme

Brilliant. Personal examples from Scripture really makes a difference in how we see and feel in everyday living.


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. My grandson Jermaine appeared at his dad’s door steps a few hours ago. This is a miracle because he has not seen this son for 10 years!


Without exaggeration I can say that the mission led by The Catholic Guy exceeded my expectation. It was a refreshing, faith-filled, and inspiring experience. Bruce truly took us all on a spiritual journey from which many of us have returned touched and transformed, including myself.

Fr Slawek Plonka

This Lent period has been like no other I have experienced. You made me cry, laugh and spiritually connect to God. There were many moments of magical fulfillment that I cannot explain.


I just wanted to thank you and try to explain how this has changed my life. I pray and talk to God in a totally different manner that I ever thought existed. I’ve learned that I am enough. Thank you so very much and God bless.


People come to you because they can see God through you. God chooses you and your Ministry to show us the way. I’m so happy we have our” Catholic Evangelist” as a priest calls you. Like the leper you must have asked for God’s will and help to create your ministry and through your ministry we can pray and help one another.


Listening to you, Bruce, is like opening a beautiful picture book and having the contents move and draw you into it.


I just wanted to say that I have listened and grown in my faith because of your ministry. I am a Christian and I have a new appreciation for your on fire Catholic faith. I think there is a lot of misconceptions about Catholics. Mine before I heard this ministry too. God bless!!


I was a Catholic that had been disenchanted with the Church a long time ago so had been going to another Church. When I first saw The Catholic Guy on TV I was surprised. Bruce - you were instrumental in bringing me back to the Church and I am sure I am not the only one.


At the age of sixty odd, I WISH there was someone who had explained all of this to us the way you are Bruce. Perhaps as younger people we would have had a much deeper walk with God and not just going through the motions year after year. Thank you for following what God has sent you to do.


“I am eighty three and if your Ministry had have been back then I would have been a better mother, wife, friend and whatever ever else I could have been. I want and pray for you to expand and open up to others what you have opened up for me after all these years when my life is coming to an end.”


“I can only thank you and so appreciate your encouragement and love. You have saved my life, because I have been struggling and did not know what to do”


Thank you Bruce for the ministry you are doing. You have had a significant role in our Lord bringing me back to the Catholic Church. I am grateful beyond words. May you be blessed in all ways.”



5.30pm    Registration

6.30pm    Meet and Greet

7.00pm    Session One – Livestreamed

9.30am    Session Two – Livestreamed

11.00am   Break

11.30am   Session Three – Livestreamed

1.00pm.    Lunch Break

3.30pm.    Session Four

5.30pm     Dinner Break

7.00pm.    Session Five – Livestreamed

10.30am    Session Six – Livestreamed

1.00pm     Lunch Break

2.30pm     Faith Builder Celebration

5.00pm     Conclusion

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Early bird $79 (available until 16 May)

Full Price $99  (17 May – 14 June)

If you cannot attend the whole Event, you will still need to register for the entire event.

We can provide you with a full refund for cancellations up to three weeks prior to the event. After this time, no refunds are available due to Event costs and hotel restrictions.

You may transfer your place to another person.

Please contact us for assistance.

Access a wealth of resources to support your spiritual journey beyond the Mission Event.

Discover tools to help you continue your path of faith and growth long after the Mission Event ends.

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The cost of the hotel accommodation and travel is NOT included in the registration fee. Please check above for the hotel booking information.

Hyatt Regency O’Hare is surrounded by a number of parking options.

Self-parking is available for $20 per vehicle per day for Hotel and Event guests at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel.

Meals are NOT provided in the registration fee. Our schedule does provide 1.5 and 2 hour breaks for lunch and dinner for participants to buy food within the venue, or at restaurants near the venue.

Please check here for a list of local restaurants.

For those flying to the conference, we recommend flying into Chicago O’Hare International Airport (1.6 miles).

There are airport shuttles available from O’Hare or you may choose to take an Uber, rent a car, or hire a taxi or driver.

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